Model Prep Runway Contest

Let’s See What You Got!

Girls, let me see your best runway walk.  Model Prep will feature a contest for all girls between the ages of 11-17, where you girls can show me your most confident walk. The winner will receive a full scholarship to the Model Prep workshops June 14-17, hosted by the Four Seasons Resort and Club at  Las Colinas.  Please submit your video via Facebook Messenger or Instagram no later than  Friday April 28, 2017.


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Model Prep Workshop

Ages: Girls 11-17.

Where: Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas, 4150 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving.

When: June 13-17. Tuesday orientation 6-9 p.m.; Wednesday-Friday workshops 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m.; Saturday fashion show prep 11-6 p.m., with showcase and party 6-9 p.m.

Cost: $600.

Description: Model Prep kicks off with an orientation for girls and parents, followed by three days of skills workshops focusing on health and nutrition, style, beauty, etiquette, social media and more. Parents are invited to a style showcase and after-party on Saturday.

Contact: 214-998-8119.


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Model Prep, a beauty and confidence-building seminar, is coming to the Four Seasons Resort and Club at Las Colinas for its annual four-day workshop. Founded by professional international model Amber Griffin, Model Prep aims to guide girls age 11 through 17 to be the best they can be through expert coaching and advice. The seminar kicks off June 14-17.

“We want to provide the right tools and guidance for young girls to navigate their teen years with confidence and poise,” said Griffin. Workshops will feature one-on-one coaching with top industry professionals and personal mentoring with the founder herself. Key skills the girls will learn include appropriate dressing for each girl’s body type and age, confidently walking with poise and grace, proper dinner conversation, appropriate social media presence and overall self-portrayal.


Model Prep is the first interactive learning experience of its kind for girls ages 11 through 17, a program aimed at helping young girls to become the best they can be, inside and out, through expert instruction and guidance on beauty and style, etiquette, modeling and much more. Not just for models, Model Prep is first and foremost about building self-confidence. This June, Model Prep will hold its first four-day workshop  at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. Girls do not need to be models or from Dallas to attend.

Since Model Prep was founded by Texas girl and professional international model, Amber Griffin, we caught up with her to learn about Model Prep.


Tell me about your modeling career.

I have been a professional model for 10 years, and am currently represented by the Campbell Agency in Dallas. My modeling career has taken me to many parts of the country, as well as across the globe. I modeled in Milan, Italy for three years and then moved to Los Angeles for two years to sign with LA Models. Modeling is something I felt I was born to do because of my height, as well as my slender build and a love for fashion.

What made you switch gears to start Model Prep?

Modeling will always be a love of mine, and I’m so thankful for being able to learn the ins-and-outs of this industry. There is so much to learn behind the scenes to become successful with regard to styling, make-up and walking the runway, which inspired me to want to share this knowledge with young girls.

What does Model Prep offer that hasn’t been offered before?

Model Prep helps build self-confidence. Each girl will leave Model Prep more knowledgeable about topics such as proper make-up application, what shades of colors work best for their skin tones and how to command a room just by walking in. The styling part of the workshop will teach girls how to dress appropriately for their age and incorporate timeless trends. There will also be an etiquette part of the workshop that will focus on proper napkin and cutlery placement, correct posture and appropriate dinner conversation. In addition, the girls will learn social media etiquette, health and fitness and much more. Overall, Model Prep will help these girls become the best they can be with skills and knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

What do you think about the importance of self-confidence?

Model Prep is centered around growing self-confidence, because this is something I struggled with throughout my teenage years. I didn’t have a big sister or someone to mentor me through life’s ups and downs, which is something every girl needs.

What would you say to parents with children who are interested in modeling?

I would tell parents to check out the different modeling agencies carefully before signing any contracts. Although Model Prep is not just for girls interested in modeling, it will provide those who are interested with the tools to succeed in the industry.

And what advice would you give to aspiring models?

Girls need to know that they don’t need to wear less to show off their bodies. You can still get the same amount of attention and even gain respect for covering yourself up a bit more. Also, it’s important to be yourself – everybody else is taken!

How is Model Prep an interactive learning experience?

Model Prep girls will have access to hands-on coaching throughout each element of the workshop, and then get to practice these things themselves with the guidance of our industry professionals.

Modeling can be a tough industry. How does Model Prep help girls “become the best they can be”?

As a model, you must have thick skin, because there will always be those people who point out flaws with your weight, skin color and other physical features. It is important not to allow others to define who you are by their comments. We help girls discover and be secure in who they are. Model Prep will teach girls to love themselves no matter what others say and will help them to be confident in all areas of their lives.

What else would you want people to know about yourself and Model Prep?

I truly care about Model Prep and every girl who will come through the program. I hope to be part of their lives for many years to come. Sign up for our first workshop! Top industry professionals such as Miss Teen Texas USA 2017 will be at the workshop’s orientation on June 13 to speak to the parents and the girls. We can’t wait to meet you!



Special Guest Speaker – Miss Texas Teen USA 2017 Kirby Lindley

During our Model Prep orientation on June 13, we will have a special guest speaker, Miss Texas Teen USA 2017 Kirby Lindley. We chose Kirby to be our special guest speaker because she understands that your beauty on the outside will fade, and that what really matters is what’s on the inside of ourselves. During our Model Prep orientation, Kirby will give an exciting talk to the girls about her journey to competing and winning Miss Texas Teen USA 2017. She will also speak to them about doing your best, looking your best and never giving up on your goals and dreams.
Sign up today! Registration for our June 14-17 workshops closes on June 1. Please visit our website at

International Model Brings Exclusive Training Program to Dallas for Young Girls to Build Self-Confidence & Beauty

by: Mike L as featured on #FAB Dallas Magazine


Model Prep Aims To Guide Girls Ages 11 and Through 17 to Become The Best They Can Be

DALLAS, Texas – Feb. 1, 2017 – Calling all girls ages 11 through 17: are you looking to build inner strength and beauty, while making lifelong friends? Would you like to gain confidence by walking the runway next to some of the industry’s top models? Do you want to learn the proper protocol when it comes to table manners, posture and etiquette? Are you interested in learning how to apply makeup and dress for your body type? Model Prep is looking for you! Founded by professional international model, Amber Griffin, Model Prep aims to guide young girls to become the best they can be, inside and out, through expert coaching and guidance. Now offering enrollment for its annual four-day workshop, the interactive learning experience will delight and inspire all girls ages 11 through 17 with runway, make-up, etiquette, styling and much more. Girls do not need to be models or from Dallas to attend. Model Prep will take place in June 2017 at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas.