Make-Up Application

With our hands-on program, each young lady will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced make-up artists in the fashion industry. They will then take what they have learned in the classroom setting and, with the guidance of the instructors, each girl will apply the make-up themselves.



Thanks to the Campbell Agency, we will have some of the top modeling professionals instructing a runway class for all Model Prep young ladies, teaching them the importance of commanding a room with the walk while incorporating style, elegance, and sophistication.

Posture and Etiquette

Being a certified etiquette teacher, I understand the importance of good table manners. Model Prep girls will adopt good posture, learn proper dinner conversation and learn how to identify a formal table setting, including being able to identify all pieces of cutlery.


As a lover of fashion, I have made it a point to hire some of the most sought-after fashion stylists to teach the girls of Model Prep ways to improve their everyday style. All young ladies will learn the techniques to fashion themselves for daily living, while becoming educated on color matching, seasonal looks and appropriate dressing for their age. After learning these skills, the girls of Model Prep will be able to apply what they have learned by choosing their own personal wardrobe for a very special runway show for their friends and family.  This will take place at the end of their Model Prep experience, on the 4-day Model Prep workshop.

Nutrition, Health, and Fitness

During our Model Prep orientation, the girls and their parents will get top of the line fitness and nutrition guidance from our resident fitness instructor.  Parents and students, be prepared to learn about appropriate meal portions, how to maintain a healthy weight, and how to gain and preserve an overall healthier lifestyle.  At Model Prep, we believe that our girls have what it takes to become the best version of themselves, and we will teach them how.



Being confident and learning the appropriate way to pose in front of a photographer’s camera is essential to becoming  a successful model,  At Model Prep, we teach each young lady how to pose confidently in front of the camera, giving them (and their parents) the right tools to be able to understand the difference between a good photographer and a not-so-good photographer.  We would also like to encourage our parents to sit in on this session, and to ask our experienced photography instructor questions. The Model Prep girls will  have the opportunity to meet a top model, who will demonstrate the difference between commercial modeling and editorial modeling, along with other posing styles.  The Model Prep girls will then have a chance to be photographed with our amazing photographer, giving them the boost of confidence they need to help them feel good about themselves in front of the camera.  Last year’s Model Prep girls squealed with delight when they finally saw the photos of themselves in their modeling poses.